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​​​​​Kenny Grohowski-drums

Melvis Santa-vocals- percussion

Roman Diaz-percussion, voice

Dan Martínez-acoustic bass

Joaquín Bergamino-percussion, vocals

The Richard Padrón Group  is an ensemble based in New York City and founded in 2002 in Miami, Florida. The group currently performs at various venues around the New York area.

It has taken many shapes and has included many great musicians that have helped the music evolve to what it has become today. I would like to credit as many of them as I can recall.  Jim Robertson, Christopher Tordini, Ludwig Afonso, Apostolos Sideris,  Rodolfo Zuñiga, Carlos Mena, Ivan Llanes, Manuel Carro, Felipe Lamouglia,  Kathryn Christie, Armando Gola, Ernesto Simpson, Andrew Atkinson, Gregg August, Ariel de la Portilla, Alejandro Garcia, Lisa Gary, Emily Braden, Mara Lee Gilbert, Malgorzata Staniszewska and  Alexandre Kautz.

Currently, the ensemble's members are Kenny Grohowski, Roman Diaz, Dan Martinez, Melvis Santa and the newest addition Joaquín Bergamino. At the very core we are a quartet addressing a traditional Cuban Quartet format except the piano is replaced by guitar. Melvis and Joaquín make it a full sextet in order to perform several arrangements and reharmonizations of several traditional Cuban tunes like "El Manisero" and "Son de la Loma." The full sextet becomes a dance band except with a fundamentally Jazz approach where improvising is key. The guitar is in the forefront of the soundscape.  We are planning on composing new material for the sextet.

For the past 2 years we have all been recording our debut record at Richard's own studio. We have put together a sampler for everyone to listen to while we prepare the conditions for the record to finally be up for sale.

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