I offer guitar lessons in my studio in Astoria, Queens. I have over 16 years of experience teaching guitar.  From beginners to advanced students, you can learn the inner workings of the instrument so that you can meet your guitar playing goals.  My studio is conveniently located in the heart of Astoria, Queens, with access to all the major bridges and highways.  With more than almost 20 years of professional playing experience in all kinds of music, I can help you meet your guitar playing goals through tailored guitar lessons designed to meet your needs and level.  If you are a professional and want to work on your picking technique, I could give you some great suggestions and studies in only one lesson. If you are just starting out, I could show you how to produce a sound, and how to hold the instrument utilizing correct allignment and posture, so that you can ensure a solid foundation to build from. My lessons are affordable and are an hour long.  If you are in Astoria looking for guitar lessons you are in luck, but if you are located in India, no problem because I also offer skype guitar lessons, or simply online guitar lessons. Through skype, or whatsapp/online lessons. Contact me for rates and scheduling.

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