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Richard Padrón is an accomplished composer and
guitarist known for his versatility, virtuosity and ability
to blend in with almost any ensemble across a wide
variety of genres. He has strong Afro-Cuban roots
that color his compositions while still retaining his
own identity as a composer. His music has been
described as deceptively simple and easy on the ear,
yet pulling you in with it’s complex harmonies.
He began playing guitar at age 12 and studied
privately until age 20. Within this time he also picked
up the clarinet and electric bass as well as marching
band snare drum. His musical career took a turn for
the better after being accepted to the prestigious
conservatory New World School of the Arts in Miami,
at age 16.
Here he was able to really focus on just playing guitar
and composition. Before graduating from High
School Richard was already a part of the professional
music scene in Miami working with players twice his
In the words of the great Paquito D'Rivera, "Richard
Padrón, on electric and acoustic guitars, writes music
in a very particular way, using unusual melodic,
rhythmic and harmonic approaches. His guitar
playing is compelling, powerful and passionate.” As a
composer, Richard has a growing reputation as the
go-to man for film scoring within the Indie scene -
having scored 4 independent short films in the past
year alone.
His ability to compellingly capture a story through
music crosses all genres, but maintains his unique
essence.  He records and mixes all of his music in his
home project studio. Currently he is working on his
debut record due sometime in 2018.
Richard was born in Cuba, raised in Miami, and
currently works and resides in New York City.

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